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Kind to Mind
a balance for you to find

Welcome to Kind to Mind

The place where you can further develop your (self-)compassion skills, leading to a milder attitude towards yourself and others, while living a more courageous and balanced life.


No-nonsense, scientific-based and practice-oriented.


Training in (Self-)Compassion

Are you often critical towards yourself or others? Are you putting the bar very high for yourself? Do you get stuck and would you like to handle things differently from now on?

Then, the 8 week compassion training might be a good option for you. Recent research supports this training may lead to increases in mindfulness and (self-)compassion skills, and overal quality of life, while decreases in symptoms of depression have been reported.

(Self-)Compassion Coaching

Would you rather learn (self-)compassion skills individually? Perhaps, coaching sessions suits you better. Feel free to get in touch, so that we can find out together what suits you and your life best, in this very moment. 

For example, you can participate an 8 week compassion training individually at your own pace or a personalized program can be developed for you.

(Self-)Compassion Trainer Supervision

Are you almost finishing your MBCL trainers education program or have you just started as a MBCL trainer? Then supervision sessions might be helpful for you.

When working as a compassion trainer, we encounter challenges every now and then. Undergoing supervision can support you during these times, while at the same time further deepening your practice.


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