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Deepen your practice

When working as a compassion (MBCL) trainer, we encounter challenges every now and then. Undergoing supervision can support you during these times, while further deepening your practice.


Are you a MBCL teacher in training or have you recently started working as a MBCL trainer?
Perhaps, supervision might be what you are looking for.

What does it entail?

While providing compassion trainings it can be possible that you run into things. These can be both practical and (inter-)personal issues. Perhaps you notice resistance on a group level or you find it difficult to take in space. Whatever it is, we can explore these themes together, to further deepen your practice on both a trainer and personal level. It's up to you what will be on the agenda.

My approach is characterized by equality, an open and curious mind and a playful directness. May we discover and learn together. May we fall.... and get up again. 

Compassion Supervision


Feel free to contact me


" The monthly reunion meetings are very helpful for me to stay connected with living mindfully and to realise that I am not the only person that is sometimes struggling in life. Marleen creates a safe space which allows us to further deepen our practice and insights."
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